With Pluto the planet of transformation circling the work area of your chart, command and control are your watchwords for January and February making you a formidable force to be reckoned with.

March emphasizing your 10th house of achievements indicates that at last you will be given the opportunity to prove your sterling worth in professional and prestigious pursuits. Mars thundering onto the scene in April suggests difficult discussions and debates will finally be settled in your favour. May continues to see the scales of justice tipping in your favour as long as you do not take it on yourself to settle old scores! Mercury the planet of communications offers insight into the behaviour of others.

Money matters are highlighted throughout June and July with possible double dealing and deception just around the corner. Remain calm and everything will eventually come out in the wash. Saturn’s solemn prescence in your sixth house indicates that some sort of self sacrifice may be called for in a close relationship come August You will emerge a stronger and wiser person as a result.

With Sagittarius making a surprise visit in your house of family, domestic arrangements could suddenly be coming to a close with the strong possibility of a new residence in September. Is a new life calling you?  It is an important time to read the small print in October or someone may try and pull the wool over your eagle eyes. Forewarned is forearmed.

Uranus’ unpredictable prescence taking you through November and December encourages you to seize the initiative through the appearance of an unconventional stranger who may invite you to join a secret society.

Guidance:  ” Every end is a new beginning.” Bhagavad-Gita II:70      Keywords:  Awareness


A  chapter in your life is drawing to a close in January, signifying a highly sensitive and emotional time when you must turn your back on any parts of your world that have outlived their usefulness and look to the future instead. If a liason is over then try not to cling on when you know in your heart that it is time to let go.

During February you may well feel that you are being ‘tested’ and will be under a lot of pressure trying to understand and rise above the events that are happening to you.

March finds you busy processing papers that will contain only partial solutions. Anger will arise with others if facts are not readily available. With Venus the planet of love in opposition to Uranus the planet of progress during April, you may feel slighted or hurt by your partner because they are not including you in their plans. Diverse elements brought out into the open in May could easily stir up old wounds and deep-seated problems.

June and July discovers you controlling your own destiny with the support of fiesty Mars to give you the courage to initiate changes that will contribute to your future.

Saturn circling your work chart encourages you to take a fresh and methodical approach to tackling old problems in August. September finds you impacting others with your radical and controversial outlook. You have no time for pompous and pedantic people who are stuck in a rut or who abide by rigid routines in November and will waste no time in letting them know your views!

A mixed bag of fortunes awaits you in December. Expect sudden and unexpected shocks and surprises that veer between loss and gain.

Guidance:  ” All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming it.” Helen Keller.   Keyword:  Decisions.


Never one for being prt of the crowd, your need to feel unique will find you seeking out unconventional people and places in January. With Venus circling your area of love during February your obvious charm may just win that someone special over to your side. Remember to play fair and be prepared to give as much as you intend to take!

Your brainpower is second to none. With Mercury’s backing in March, your perceptions help you sum up situations and people with uncanny accuracy.

Jupiter radiating in your first house during pril and May sees you preparing for a fashionable and flamboyant phase when you will want to stand out from the crowd and turn every one’s head in your definite direction. Act with modesty and you will be contented.

Is your career feeling trying or limiting? Then perhaps it is time to change to a professional path that allows you to express your intelligence and versatility when Pluto transits your house of ambitions in June.

You are living on credit far too much and unless you have the collateral to back up your big ideas you will invite trouble galore to your door in July. August and September finds Mars beckoning you towards an adventurous lifestyle. The further you are prepared to go, the more excitement you will find.

Personality Plus! You are positively crackling with vitality under Uranus’ influence in October. November may find you so keen on having a good time that you miss out on life’s subtle spiritual sensations. Meditate and ponder on life’s wonder sometimes.

Make the most of December by involving yourself with community concerns and you will prosper. When it comes to fighting bureaucrats, autocrats and oppressive organisations no one can hold a torch to you.

Guidance:   ” Fortune favours the audacious.”   Desiderius Erasmus.    Keyword:  Compromise


Someone loves the sound of their own voice -is it you?  Brilliant brainwaves and inventive ideas are spilling out of you in January making you very hard to ignore.

Taking a back seat and playing second fiddle in February is impossible for you since you are a leader not a follower. Loved ones could easily accuse you of being selfish and self-centred.

Ragged nerves are a health hazard in March, learn to know when you need a rest. April finds you wanting to be free from family ties and hating being tied down domestically. You may revel in chaos now but will you still feel the same when it is security you are after?

Fiscal fortunes are unpredictable with Uranus around in May. Less on luxuries and more on necessities!

Mars in June finds you saturated in sex appeal. If you are single then stand by for an encounter that is short but sweet. Your charisma and magnetism are on the increase in July. Channel your energy in the right direction and you may just achieve the fame and fortune you crave.

Mars again this time in explosive aspect with Pluto during August and September finds you ego driven and unreasonable when it comes to co-operating with others. If you want to keep your friends then ration those temper tantrums!

It is great to be ambitious but try not to steal the lime light too often from others in October. Someone in authority may make you an offer that leads to money in November. Throwing yourself into end of year social gatherings will provide you with both fun and admirers in December.

Guidance:   ” The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white, neither need you do anything but be yourself.”  Lao-tse.   Keyword:   Reflection


Feeling downtrodden and dissatisfied? Work out what is wrong in January and then seek help if necessary. Opportunities abound all around you so mind that you are not narrow minded in February or you could miss out.

The Sun in Gemini until the end of March is encouraging you to push for what you want out of life now regardless of what others may think or say. It is unlikely to be until you lay down the law with certain individuals that you will be taken seriously in April. Sometimes it is necessary to back words with actions so that others are left in no doubt that you mean business.

Over the months of May and June a turning point is indicated that will have a far-reaching effect on personal issues and long term career prospects. Venus in beautiful aspect with Neptune during July indicates success in creative projects. If you have a partner, take time to be romantic.

A less than satisfactory situation at work in August can no longer be allowed to continue and you are urged to make moves to end it. September and October sees you meeting new faces. Grab every opportunity to talk to interesting people and you could make yourself stimulating new friends.

Part of you is wary of taking risks but you will throw opportunity down the drain unless you take a chance in November and discover a new side of life. In December two heads are better than one when it comes to handling business deals.

Guidance:  ” To be upset over what you do not have is to waste what you do have.” Keyword:  Communication


If there is any painstaking work to be done, then you can be found doing it thanks to your diligent, methodical and precise nature. The message for January is to take your time and absolutely refuse to be harassed or hurried by others.

February and March finds Saturn the planet of reflection reminding you to be realistic about what you want to achieve and being honest in recognising your limitations.

Passion planet Venus hints that it is high time to spice up your love life during April by dropping your prim and proper attitude to intimacy and turning up the heat!

The months of May and June see you catching the appreciative eye of supervisors, colleagues and clients with your talent for organisation. If you have been thinking about embarking on a new business venture, then the Sun’s encouraging high voltage energy in July gives you the go ahead you have been waiting for.

Higher octave planet Neptune visiting your eighth house of intimacies during August and September signals that certain emotional incompatibilities will soon be revealed requiring adjustments in attitudes.

In October be prepared for a major decision linked to striking out in a different direction. Action planet Mars transiting Pisces for the length of November and December urges you to take better care of your health and to pay improved attention to your physical needs. Go for it!

Guidance:  Tis a lesson you should heed: try, try again if at first you don’t succeed.” William Hickson.     Keyword:   Patience.


Put away your Ouija board, the state of your one to one affairs is being determined by your own attitudes and personality. If emotional contentment and peace of mind are your goals then they are within your grasp during January when the full Moon will help you to clear up certain areas of your life.

If you have been gripped by irrational worries then at last you can come to terms with them in February and find the spirituality that you crave. Do not accept mediocrity, chip away all that is not perfect and you will eventually have what is.

During March you will persevere in spite of difficulties, burdens or financial restrictions until things are resolved and completed the way you want them. April may find you run down with responsibilities as others try to place added burdens on you. There is no getting around it, you will have to tell them where to get off if you want to be free of their incessant demands in May.

With Neptune in your house of creativity the focus is on self-image and keeping up appearances during June. In July and August someone could be about to go out of your life temporarily and you will hear about it. This news could come through as a psychic prediction or message.

With the focus on career in September you may feel ‘short changed’ in a professional endeavour because you hoped for so much than you have received. Money featuring prominently during November makes it clear to you that you can no longer carry on without relief as you have had to.

Your greatest success will come through your ability to rise up like the Phoenix in December and begin anew.

Guidance:  ”  The only real valuable thing is intuition.”  Albert Einstein   Keyword: Faith


Someone has got the hump, is it you?  If so, then try not to take everything to heart or you could end up spending all your time sulking. Once you start to believe in yourself, success and happiness will be yours for the asking. January may find you wallowing in misery unwilling to communicate with others and feeling very sorry for yourself. Is it not about time you stopped being frightened of failure? Instead find ways of boosting your confidence.

February emphasizing your house of learning suggests that the people you now meet will reflect your own virtues and vices. Naturally sensitive and vulnerable, March encourages you to put yourself first and others second as you progress along the path of self discovery.

Mercury prominent throughout April and May is urging you to communicate in close relationships and talk your fears out. Topics related to travel and teaching could bring you stunning success as you have a lot to offer. Material security is important for you during June when Taurus enters your house of possessions and invites you to reassess spending patterns.

July and August finds you confronted with a problem related to a parent or your past. Adopt a logical approach and get everything out into the open. Your quiet ambitions may take others by surprise but you are determined with the Sun’s support to carve out a niche for yourself.

Parental approval may have had a profound affect on you but that is all behind you in September. Knowledge is control, so consider studying new subjects and enhancing your learning power with Jupiter encouraging you to launch long term plans on the waiting world in October and November.

Creatively the end of the year sees you inspired. Make the most of your gifted imagination and all will be well in December.

Guidance:  ” Has fear ever held a man back from anything he really wanted, or a woman either?”. George Bernard Shaw.       Keyword:  Confidence.


Relax or you will end up tensed and troubled this year. Those unpredictable emotions of yours will put everyone on edge during January. Impulsive spending may be on the agenda in February for you are eager to splash out on little luxuries. Wins and windfalls may come your way.

Big talk and false promises will not endear you to others when you fail to deliver the goods in March, nor will issuing exaggerated emotional ultimatums, threats or demands.

Avoiding the tendency to embroider plain facts into a dramatic tale that appears more exciting to you. People are not as gullible as you think.

The Sun in your house of achievements finds you enjoying what comes naturally in April– being the centre of adulated attention!

Where is your life headed? If you do not know , then any career with a glamorous slant could be right up your street. Anything connected with creating an affect is ideal during May.

A colleague or client could try and trip you up in June, or is it you that is play acting and up to no good? July and August indicates that domestic changes may be in the offering bringing you the security you are seeking. With Pluto in your twelfth house you know how to dig deep into people’s minds but watch your motives or you could end up getting  a taste of your own medicine in September.

You are a real social butterfly and will take people by storm with your friendly and fun loving ways, although others may see you as superficial or trite. Steer clear of gossip. Make the most of your witty and clever charms and you will go far. November and December sees you receiving rewards in the communication department.

Guidance:  ” The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings.”  Gita Bellin     Keyword:  Sincerity

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